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The following websites include a variety of useful articles and other resources concerning business partnerships.  If you would like to recommend additions, please use the "Contact Us" form to provide the url and an introduction to the site.

Please note:  Inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement by the Business Partner Institute. This on-line resource for entrepreneurs provides a guide to establishing and operating business partnerships.  It provides links to numerous Inc. articles related to partnerships.

BMC AssociatesBMC Associates provides a number of articles dealing with the essentials of creating partnerships, with conflict among business partners and with related subjects.  BMC is a consulting firm serving business partners of all varieties.

PartnerUp.comPartnerUp is an online community that helps you Find business partners, co-founders, executives, and board members; Network with other entrepreneurs and small businesses; Ask for and offer up advice; Find commercial real estate and Find service providers for your business (i.e. accountants)

Entrepreneur. This article on avoiding the wrong partners as you start a business is one of many relevant articles you'll find by searching "business partners" at this site.


This is a selection of books recommended by readers related to business partnerships.

Form a Partnership: The Complete Legal Guide.Dennis Clifford & Ralph Warner. 2008.This Nolo publication provides detailed advice (and plenty of sample forms, worksheets and agreements) related to creating the legal framework for a business partnership.

The Partnership Charter, How to Start Out Right With Your New Business Partnership [or Fix the One You're In] David Gage,2004. Gage's book introduces the partnership charter, a comprehensive tool for creating and sustaining successful professional and business partnerships."

Sleeping with Your Business Partner: A Communication Tool for Couples in Business Together, Becky L. Stewart-Gross & Michael J. Gross, 2007. This husband-and-wife 'co-preneur' team argues that the key to success in both is learning how to communicate properly.

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